Butylated Hydroxytoluene, the scariest supplement I've tried

Butylated Hydroxytoluene, the scariest supplement I've tried

I'm going to start off with one of the more drastic remedies I've tried. It seems to be gaining popularity so I think it is important to address it.

Butylated Hydroxytoleune (BHT). It sounds wonderful right? BHT is most commonly found in cosmetics as a preservative but it is also found in many processed foods for the same reason: they get to stay on the shelf longer! It's structurally similar to vitamin E with similar traits but a host of others aswell. I had been researching BHT a couple years back and had read a lot about how effective it was at preventing cold sore outbreaks.

That point in my life was extremely stressful. The company I worked at was laying off staff left right and center. Needless to say, my "friends" where a permanent fixture on my face. I was desperate and sick and tired of feeling like some monster. I researched this compound until I was blue in the face. There were people using it to extend their lives. What harm could it do?

I'll give you a quick breakdown of how BHT works against the virus. This is the theory anyways. The Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) is a lipid (fat) coated virus. This lipid coating allows the virus to travel along your nerve cells completely undetected by your immune system. BHT has been shown to break down this lipid coating making the virus vulnerable to your immune system. Pretty simple?

Back to me :) I ordered my bottle of BHT from Vitamin Research Products, the fact that it was being sold by them made me feel much more comfortable about taking it. So I started off with 350mg a day. I didn't experience any of the bad symptoms such as nausea, and hives which some people have experienced. To my surprise it seemed to be working and I was outbreak free for longer than I remember. Placebo effect? I don't know.

The fact that this chemical is sold by vitamin companies and over-hyped by life extension enthusiasts doesn't make it safe.

This was great, but about 8 months into taking BHT I was beginning to notice strange effects. First of all was the mental fog which I had attributed to stress at work and the normal goings of every day life. I then started having these weird spacy feelings with memory loss I knew was not normal. During that time to my dissapointment I got a cold sore and only then did I put two and two together when I took a larger dose of BHT. It was one of the most terrifying experiences. I had numbness in my face and hands and was extremely dizzy I could barely stand up this lasted for a couple hours but luckily subsided. Needless to say, the BHT was safely thrown away the next day never to be touched again.

I've noticed others have had similar negative experiences whilst using BHT (I'll post more about others experiences at a later date). The fact that this chemical is sold by vitamin companies and over-hyped by life extension enthusiasts doesn't make it safe. I had the same "positive" effects as everyone else but in the end that was not the case. I strongly suggest you stay away from this one. Even if it WERE effective your health is far more important.




I've also tried BHT with some "success". It definitely does decrease the frequencies of the outbreaks and they do seem to come with less vengeance. But like you I've also had those weird spaced out feelings especially if I take a higher dose. I've stopped taking it for good... looking for the next best thing.


Rose Bailey

That's great that it's working for you Anonymous. But just remember, you don't have to notice the side effects to experience side effects. What scares me is that BHT might be doing too many other things behind the scenes.



I've been taking BHT for years, has worked like a charm. Only time I get a cold sore is when I forget to order more BHT and then put it off until I have an outbreak. But I guess it affects everyone differently.