Pew pew... Laser Treatment

Pew pew... Laser Treatment

Like I've mentioned before, I've tried ALL the things when it comes to curbing my cold sore outbreaks. They really are such a pain. Anyways on to my next adventure, I've heard of others having luck with laser treatment and it was on my (rather long) list of things to try with one of my outbreaks. Dermatologists and dentists provide laser treatment for coldsores, it works by deadening the nerve selves providing some sort of pain relief. There's also the belief that the laser destroys viruses, minimising replication and hopefully shortening the outbreak.

One of the "skin specialists" I went to provided the laser treatment, but it was so painful I had tears forming in my eyes and winced the entire time. I just clenched my jaw and sat through it, whilst I thought whilst sitting in the chair, that if this worked... it had to be worth it right? The cold sore irritation felt like nothing compared to the pain at the site afterwards, fortunately that subsided but the cold sore still formed as it had in the past. It made absolutely no difference except for the extra irritation the treatment had caused.

My second attempt I managed to get to my dentist during the tingling stages, the laser therapy that she applied was completely painless (it felt like someone was flicking my lip lightly). I asked her way there wasn't any pain unlike my last treatment, she mentioned I should have definitely not been in any pain and the person administering the therapy was doing it very wrong, great... Anyways, results were better with this last session probably because I had caught it earlier. Unfortunately blisters still formed, but they were milder and healing was possibly one or two days shorter.

At a cost of around $150 per session, it doesn't come cheap. Especially with varying results. That being said, I have friends that swear by this, maybe it works well for some but not everyone? If you've given this treatment a go, let me know how it went in the comments below!

<3 Rose




Yeah, I've tried laser too. I gave up on the third failed attempt. It wasn't ever painful, but it wasn't worth it for the cost.


Rose Bailey

Sorry to hear Nelly, I was really hoping with this one!



I've found that it does dry them out quicker and they scab over and heal a little faster, but for the price... I can't really justify spending that amount just on a cold sore, no matter how annoying they are!



Yeah, spending 100 bucks to reduce the time by a few days... maybe? It's just such a hassle, urgently trying to get an appointment with your dentist/dermatologist... and if you don't do it quick enough, there's not point really. T__T